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Customer Experience

Our goal is to provide our customers with a superior level of service through effective listening, strong analytical skills and a fair customer-friendly approach.  We continuously seek opportunities to improve the quality of service that will ensure the continued success of our company.  Our Customer Service Credo was

designed to ensure that our employees exceed the quality and service expectation

when working with all customers and consumers.

In our continuous efforts to attract and retain customers throughout the

United States, GBS strives to provide the most positive service experience to both

internal and external customers.

As the representative of GBS, employees must endeavor to provide the most

efficient and courteous service in pursuit of long-term, satisfied customers.

It is our obligation to treat internal and external customers with respect, dignity, and responsiveness.

Continuous Improvement

We’ve built cross-functional teams that identify intra-departmental bottlenecks and stale processes then present solutions to management to constantly evolve our practices.

Quarterly Performance reviews with Customer to examine effectiveness of current processes and execution, explore alternatives, and agree on short term and long term goals and objectives.

Quality Assurance Surveys conducted by phone with key staff members to determine quality of service being provided and level of performance.

Continuous Training Initiatives to achieve desired goals.

Close Rate/Attachment Rate Tracking to identify ways we can help you sell more.

Process Improvement Reviews to handle your consumer claims  more efficiently.

Quality improvement efforts are prioritized based on the company's current focus and objectives. The common points of focus involve the following topic, these




GBS prioritizes the speed in which we react to customers in every venue of our Customer Service. We believe it’s our responsibility to exceed your expectations in every dealing. We don’t match other providers we surpass them on every level.

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